Tuina Massage

This massage technique originated in 2700 BC. From a variety of different massage methods to tuina, it is an important and complex treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine. The first tuina clinic was built in China around 200 A.D.

Like acupuncture, tuina therapy is based on the meridian system, Yin/Yang theory, and theories of elements and substances. It directly affects the meridians and nearby blood vessels. Different techniques are used to clear blockages and relieve symptoms, such as tapping, vibrating or shaking and other special movements. Among them, Tui (push) and Na (pinch) are the two most important techniques.When the blockage of the meridian is cleared, the symptoms of the disease are alleviated. Once the therapist has treated the affected meridians, he/she can treat joints and muscles, similar to Western medicine.

Tuina therapy can be used in different fields, such as musculoskeletal diseases, gynecology, pediatrics, neurology, sports and rehabilitation medicine, etc.

It is an ideal treatment for children who are afraid of acupuncture. Due to its obvious treatment effect on the children, the application range is larger. In China, this technology is also used for physically weak patients, which is highly valued.