The philosophical and theoretical basis of acupuncture originated from over 2,000 years ago.The vitality flowing in the body is the core concept of this medical system. It is also called Qi, divided into Yin and Yang, and all life manifestations are based on this.The state of Qi largely depends on lifestyle, philosophy and genetic factors. It is always in a state of flow, producing changes. The functions of all internal organs are also driven by Qi, such as breathing, food digestion, body defense, muscle movement, etc.Like a river crossing the land, energy channels called meridians run through the body and provide it with vitality. Regulate Qi through the acupoints on the meridians.

Acupuncturing the acupoints on the meridians has a coordinating effect, inhibiting excessive, stimulating weakness and dredging obstructions, allowing the Qi to flow harmoniously without interference.