About Us

SINOSWISS Medical AG’s commitment to the field of traditional Chinese medicine began in 2005.With our firm belief in ancient traditional Chinese medicine, we have been able to serve you in 22 locations in Switzerland  so far.

We hire high-quality TCM experts with university diplomas and many years of clinical experience in higher hospitals of China. Meanwhile, they are also recognized by Swiss trade associations such as EMR, ASCA and NVS. We figure out that TCM treatment is a good supplement to conventional medicine through mutual respect and harmonious cooperation with conventional medicine doctors.

Since its establishment, we have been committed to ensuring quality and continuous improvement. In order to provide patients with the expertise of all TCM experts, the video conference networking has been used by our clinics to conduct remote consultations and discussions at any time. We support all patients with the expertise and techniques of the entire team.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, balance implies health. We look forward to providing you with professional and personalized medical services on your golden avenue of health.