Treatment Charge under the Fee Ordinance 590

Treatment method Treatment time Price List in CHF
   Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis 60
   Chinese Herbal Therapy 60
   Comprehensive treatment (acupuncture    and moxibustion combined with one or more other therapies) 60 minutes of treatment at a time 160
                        Other therapies
   Tuina massage 10 mins. 30
   Cupping 10 mins. 30
   Moxibustion 10 mins. 30
   Auricular acupuncture 10 mins. 30
   Percussopunctator Treatment 10 mins. 30
   Additional electroacupuncture 10 mins. 30
   Hyperthermia 20 mins. 30
   Only acupuncture 50 minutes of treatment at a time 130
   Missed appointment 30

The treatment is carried out according to the patient’s condition, and the price of each treatment usually does not exceed the upper limit of CHF 160.

The duration of the treatment varies between 30-80 minutes, depending on the treatment method, with an average of 60 minutes.

Medical Insurance

The traditional Chinese medicine treatment is reimbursed by additional insurance, and the reimbursement amount for each insurance company varies. Some pay a fixed amount each year, and some pay proportionally each time. Some insurance companies charge threshold fees.

We recommend that you can consult your health insurance company before the first treatment. We are willing to assist you in understanding your insurance conditions if necessary.
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Missed appointment: If you cannot come for the treatment at the agreed time, please cancel the appointment in advance within 24 hours, so as to save unnecessary expenses.